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The Use of Ideas in Writing a Speech

Writing a speech is bound to be emotional. You are bound to feel emotional if you hear it. This is because the speech gives the audience a specific feeling of belonging to the speaker. The audience then joins in the feeling. People can relate to how you sense of belonging to that group. People can relate to how you present yourself, how your voice sounds, or how you walk in front of the crowd. That is very much what makes speech writing interesting.

When writing a speech, do not limit yourself to the vocabulary. Use ideas that you have picked from the internet to help you forward. Make sure to use as many sources as possible to avoid plagiarism. You can also avoid using some obvious phrases such as ‘I hate thee.”to avoid plagiarizing your work. Examples of such words include ‘a friend.” and’I don’t want to be like.’  

Techniques to Facilitate Speech Writing

There are many ways to write essay speeches. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common techniques to get you started.


It is mainly advised to create a random list of ideas that you will use to vocabularize your speech. Create a list of words and see if it will pass the message. After that, choose three of the words and try to explain the meaning of those words to your audience. Make sure you describe the words well and in a simple manner.

List Your Sources

In writing a speech, you have to list the sources that are relevant to your topic. According to the rules of speech writing, you cannot use more than three sources. You can use more than three sources in your speech. Once you have gathered the required information, it is time to write your speech. List the sources and make a list of them. You can refer back to write essay your list to ensure that it has logic.

Be Original

All credible sources used in your speech should be credible. Using fake sources when writing your speech increases the chances of taking your audience seriously. Your speech’s authenticity is also determined by how you present the information. For instance, your words should be well-thought-out and arranged in a good manner. This is because the audience will relate to it easily.

Use the Right Tone

Each word has a tone and volume. Try to use tones that bring out your speech’s essence to capture your audience’s attention. Do not mix up any tonal sounds with the same meaning. You can single out a certain tonal sound and have it end with a thaw. When adding sounds to your speech, ensure you are particular about the tone and volume. You can use various methods to ensure that the speech has a natural flow.

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